Friday, 12 November 2010

Christina Costigan comments on Electronic CIty

Comments about Electronic City from Christina Costigan on her blog: CC in LA.

Last night I saw Electronic City, the new show by local theatre group Hoy Polloy.  It was preview night, and I'm so glad I happened to be in town to catch it. Directed by Wayne Pearn (with assistance from Bridgette Burton), the show is in very good shape. It's a challengin...g piece for actors, with a lot of chorus work creating vocal soundscapes of frenetic, madness-inducing chatter, robotic instructions, alarms and electronic white noise. The effect is quite thrilling, even as it spins your head around and reminds you what you hate about travelling, and how paranoidly (is that a word?) reliant we are on electronic devices such as phones and computers, and the panic that can set in if we forget the charger, can't get online, or find ourselves in an interminable line at airport security.

The show officially opens tonight. If you're in Melbourne, check it out.

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