Monday, 13 December 2010

Radio 3CR > Gongs: Curtain Calls 2010

Radio 3CR Curtain Gongs: Curtain Calls were awarded to shows, performances and technical that made an impact with the Curtain Up review team in 2010.

Hoy Polloy received the following Radio 3CR Curtain Up Gongs: Curtain Calls 2010 for:
Dying City
written by Christopher Shinn
directed by Matt Scholten
featuring Zoe Ellerton-Ashley and Brad Williams

Detailed direction by Matt Scholten of a rather bleak play about a young war widow whose husband has died in Iraq. Excellent performances by Zoe Ellerton-Ashley and Brad Williams in the roles of the twin brothers, the military Craig and the gay actor Peter.
Electronic City
written by Falk Ritcher
translated by Daniel Brunet
directed by Wayne Pearn
featuring Dan Walls, Sarah Ogden, Nick Darling, Liza Dennis, Ngaire Dawn Fair, Elizabeth McColl, Luke Mulquiney and Daniel Rice

This unsettling yet clever work, directed by Wayne Pearn for Hoy Polloy Theatre, revealed all too clearly our dependency on and entrapment in the geekish modernity of the 21st century – special mention to lead actors Dan Walls and Sarah Ogden.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Australian > Now for something different

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